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Marinda Thayer

Mobile:  360.749.2155

Recommended Digital Device


There are several compatible devices at this time. Thayer Transcription recommends the  the Olympus DS-2, Olympus DS-30, Olympus DS-40 and Olympus DS-2300.





Format Specifications Sug. Retail  Purchase
DS-2 .wma .dss  Specs. $149.99 Compare Prices
DS-30 .wma  Specs. $149.99 Compare Prices
DS-40 .wma  Specs. $199.99 Compare Prices
DS-2300 .dss  Specs. $249.99 Compare Prices


Olympus DS-2







Olympus DS-30








Olympus DS-40

Olympus DS-2300





Our Preferred File Formats: Our Supported File Formats:
.dss (Digital Speech Standard) .dss
.wma (Windows Media Audio) .wma

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