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Marinda Thayer

Mobile:  360.749.2155

HIPAA Standards



Thayer Transcription HIPAA Implementation         


Thayer Transcription ensures that its services and products are in compliance with HIPAA Security and Privacy Standards as they apply to the services we provide. Every stage of the work process is protected to ensure maximum security and confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA regulations.



No hard-copy documents will be disposed of without first shredding transcribed documents.


Files and directories are maintained to prevent unauthorized viewing, deleting or copying.


Computers will be configured to prevent unauthorized use.


No client-related documents shall be sent from a computer without a minimum of 128-bit encryption.


No patient or client names will be stored by Thayer Transcription in any form of database for use after termination of service.



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CyberLynk provides multiple safeguards to our HIPAA sensitive customers including:

  • Servers are all located in highly secure data centers, thereby making it impossible for equipment (such as a hard drive containing medical data) to be stolen.
  • Servers do not accept Anonymous-FTP connections, the most common hacker method of seeking out an FTP site for possible attack.
  • FTP username and password is required.
  • CyberLynk offers the use of 128-bit transfer encryption.
  • CyberLynk proactively monitors and reacts to intrusion attempts into our systems through the use of a sophisticated Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and multiple operating system level security tools.
  • No copies of your files reside on any offsite or long-term storage media.  We only backup your data nightly for disaster recovery purposes.  No tapes are used and this data never leaves the building.  In addition, backups are overwritten the next day.

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