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Marinda Thayer

Mobile:  360.749.2155

GO Digital


Do you still rely on tapes to dictate your medical records? Are you thinking about switching to a digital recorder?




Digital Advantages



  • FREE digital recorder offered by Thayer Transcription.  (view details)
  • 100% client support in making the switch to digital.
  • Digital recorders produce superior quality recordings and do not deteriorate over time.
  • No length restrictions - digital recordings are as long as you need them to be.
  • Digital sound files do not 'physically' break or become mangled.
  • Easily add additional bits of recording, such as dictation, in the middle of a file.
  • Fewer physical storage space issues - back up recordings to CD take up less room than tapes.
  • Quick delivery - sending digital files via an online secure FTP service can be made on the same day from anywhere in the world.
  • Digital recordings can be copied with no loss of quality.
  • STAT or urgent sound files can be easily divided among several transcriptionists if needed.
  • Digital recordings are easily edited to cut out unnecessary sections that don't need to be transcribed.
  • Audio time markers can be inserted to indicate or "flag" documents precisely where inaudible or unclear words may be for editing purposes.

HIPAA Compliant Service



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